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As a medium-size business with global activities, we have been developing and producing CNC precision and special tools for the automotive, machanical engineering, aircraft and woodworking industries since 1974. The mimatic brand is acknowledged worldwide for its compliance with strict quality requirements in the context of integrated system solutions for the machining segment. Every day the highly qualified and motivated labor force accepts the challenges by customized production needs. Our own quality objectives are met by the exclusive use of state-of-the-art technology, CAD/CAM and computerized logistics.



The brand mimatic® stands for highest quality standards and integrated system solutions for the metal cutting production.

Our know-how in various product fields such as cutting tools and driven toolholders leads to synergy effects in the development work and promotions of new innovations. The interface issue can be named as an example. Our patented polygonal connection between shaft and insert cannot only be applied to cutting tools anymore, but it has also proven successfully to be applicable to reamers with solid carbide tool heads. The development of the mimatic mi tool interface has given birth to a modular quick change system which revolutionized the use of driven toolholders. Based on the construction characteristic of the HSK, the mi-interface combines a high concentricity and a high repeatability, extreme holding forces, as well as a short design. The latest version of this modular system with an operating key sets high standards concerning user-friendliness.

Our engineers and technicians cooperate with research institutions and contribute in outplant working groups to the development of advanced technologies – made in Germany. By doing so, the working group HSK-T could significantly contribute to make the modular system, which is applied globally, applicable to the revolver of a CNC turning machine. In the meantime mimatic has become one of the first tool manufacturers being able to equip the turning machine revolver with the HSK-T interface as well as with the appropriate tools.




High-qualified designers are permantently realizing effective and economic solutions, even difficult ones.

In an ideal working environment they give full scope to their creativity. They use various working appliances and -methods which are permanently held on a state-of-the-art level.




All of us strive to differenciate ourselves from each other. This natural need bears great potential which we apply usefully for our further development.

Promoting creativity and individuality is our mission statement. Our staff experiences this freedom as a gain and as an appreciation beyond their working environment. Administrative processes, rules and regulations are not perceived as being disturbing, but as being assisting and guiding.

Nevertheless everyone has access to individual knowledge and know-how.

As different we might be, as different might be our ideas and solutions that we produce. The best ideas lead our company to success.




Precision is our natural need and at the same time our passion. It makes us proud and wherever precision is needed, we receive credit for it.
Precision "Made in Germany" is still an important factor of success - nationally and internationally.