Brand :  Inelta
Manager :  Levi Liu
Phone :  0755 - 8349 7779
Fax :  0755 - 8384 2121 
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We stand to you gladly with technical know-how as a competent partner to your side.Because of grown on expierence now you find Force Sensors, Strain Gauges, Load Cells, Displacement Sensors, LVDT Sensors, Inductive Sensors, Linear Actuator, Signal .We develope and manufacture standard and added value products. We are happy about your inquiry.



Inelta develope and manufacture in Ottobrunn, closed to Munich.

- DIN EN ISO 9001 Certificate
- Short delivery times
- Customized products
- Service directly from manufacturer


Our products:

Displacement sensors

Standard Displacement sensors

Miniature Displacement sensors

Displacement sensors with external thread

Displacement sensors with integrated signal processing

Displacement sensors - Economy-Series

Force sensors

Miniature Force sensors

Standard Force sensors

Force sensors with integrated signal processing

Signal Conditioner

Miniature design Signal Conditioner

DIN Rail Mounting Signal Conditioner

Linear Actuator LiSA

Motorized potentiometer

Frontpanel Mounting Motorized potentiometerPCB (THT) or DIN Rail Mounting Motorized potentiometer

Pressure Switches